The Death Of Watches?!?! Long Live Watches!


Many people out there have the impression that old school watches are an endangered species.  With cell phones being such an integral part of every day life for most, watch ownership must be on a precipitous decline… right?  Maybe not…

We were recently cleaning out a desk drawer at the store & came across some old yearly watch battery order summaries.  We were extremely interested to find out that 11 years ago, in 2003, we changed almost the same exact amount of watch batteries than we did in 2013.  This was a full four years before the iPhone one even hit the market…  On top of that, certain watch companies, such as Citizen Watch Co have almost exclusively switched over to rechargeable cells with their EcoDrive line of watches.    Of course there may be some other factors in this, such as growth of our customer base, but it’s still a suprising statistic.

Regardless, whether as a great fashion accessory or the traditional time tested-time telling functionality, watches are not going anywhere any time soon.  Also don’t forget, if you need a watch battery replacement… we do that too!


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